What type of cameras do you use?

Paul Vincent has always been a Nikon user since the film-based era until now.

The PVP Team uses:
*1 Nikon D4s – Flagship of Nikon (2014). Most powerful camera of Nikon to date. Lowlight beast with its amazing processor and sensor, it secured me on not changing gears.
*1 Nikon D3s – More power for low light and a new sensor for those amazing color and contrast. I find it 2-3 stops cleaner than its predecessor D3. Acquired this baby June 22, 2010.
*1 Nikon D3 – Got this camera December of 2007, first wedding shoot Dec. 15, 07. Amazing in low light conditions, can go as far as ISO 1600 w/o seeing noise. Amazing balance of color and highlights. This camera can go to 9 fps to 11fps. I have captured candid moments with this camera like never before.
*1 Nikon Df
*3 Nikon D750
2 Nikon D700
*An army of fast lenses, flash slaves, light strobes, flash triggers and other lighting equipments.

*For post production, we only use Mac laptops and desktops.

Do we need to feed you during weddings and other events?

It is a fast paced event, the PVP Team arrives 4 hours before the ceremony to capture a lot of candid moments aside from taking photos of the wedding details and portraits of the groom and bride. We do get tired and we need nourishment to keep our strength and stamina, it would be very much appreciated if you do.

Do you also capture candid moments?

Yes. 80-90 % of our shots are candid or unscripted. 

How many weddings do you do in a day?

PVP only accepts 1 event per day to maintain the quality of our service.

How fast can you give the proofs?

Prenup pictures will be ready for pick up in a week’s time. Wedding pictures will be given right after the reception, on the wedding day itself.

Will you give enhanced images like what we see in your website?

Yes, we do. Enhanced photos used at the onsite presentation will be given after the reception. Additional enhanced images will be given according to your package inclusion.

Will Paul Vincent be there at the wedding?

Yes. Paul Vincent is the main photographer regardless of the package you get.

How many years have you been in the business?

PVP was established in 2005 but Paul Vincent has been taking photos since the 90’s, starting as a hobby before venturing into weddings and making a successful career out of it. 

Do you also do out-of-the-country shoots.

Yes. We have packages for couples who want a destination shoot, be it for wedding, engagement or post-wedding sessions and even family pictorials. Please call or email us for details.

How many are you on the day?

The PVP Team is composed of 9 members. We have 3 senior photographers, 1 junior photographer, 3 lighting assistants, 1 driver and 1 editor. 

Why 9 in the team?

As we want all areas covered and not miss anything, especially in large events, we give a team member specific task to accomplish and not rely on 1 person only to do 2 or 3 things at once. By doing this, the client is assured that all the bases are covered and mishaps are minimized. The wedding day is fast-paced and hectic, we see to it that our needs for the day are covered by the team and not rely on other suppliers or the couple.

How is your workflow during the event?

The PVP Team arrives at the preparation venue 4 hours before the ceremony time to document the bride and the groom and we stay until the end of the reception program. The PVP Team is equipped with short wave radios for the event so communication is easy. We also have 2 service vehicles to make sure that half of the team will be at the next location ahead of time and already documenting all that is happening there. 

Do you allow outside back-up photographers?

No, we don’t. We have 4 photographers in total, that is more than enough to cover the entire event. Also remember that videographers, make-up team and coordinators will be at the preparation venue so it can get crowded.

Do you provide the LCD screen and projector for the onsite slideshow?

No, we don’t. Projector and screen is not included in our package but we do recommend trusted suppliers that provide well-trained technicians and good quality projectors. 

There are venues that require accreditation of suppliers or otherwise we (couples) will be charged with corkage fees, how do you handle this?

This seldom happens, but if it does, any additional fees charged by the venue will be shouldered by the client and is not included in our package. 

What is your mode of payment?

We require Php 20,000.00 to reserve, block and secure the date. 50% of the remaining balance is due to months before the wedding or during the engagement/prenup session. Full payment is required on the day of the wedding.

*For other concerns and questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us thru our landline (410-5126) and mobile (09285006912) or email us at paulvincentphoto@gmail.com. 

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