First, we would like to thank from the bottom of our hearts, those who participated in Paul Vincent Gives Back.

To all the couples who trusted us to document one of the most important events in their lives, thank you very much. Special mention to our very first couples Xean & Yna, Simon & Jacque and Mel & Uly.  They believed in us even though we have no samples to show at that time and even if we didn’t have a permanent booking office yet.We have come a very long way, starting from a humble beginning.  Honestly, I wish to write a book about it should I be given a chance. At this stage, with the grace of our Almighty and with all your support, we are now harvesting the fruits of our sweat and blood.

Truly, it was not easy to get where we are today, but with the help from all our couples and the Weddings at Work, our dreams were realized. Thank you Abet and Benz for having that lightbulb moment and bringing your vision to life (definitely, other suppliers will agree with me on this).

As we continue on our journey we vow to give you, more than the poses and the colors, the emotional bliss you will feel when you see your bride walk down the aisle. That rare moment when your groom will be trying to hold back tears of pure happiness. The memories of what you have gone through together that brought you, at last, to say “I do”.

From all the blessings we have gained it is time for us to give back. We like to thank our friends and family who helped us deliberate and choose the winner.

So without further ado, we are proud and excited to announce that the winner of “ Paul Vincent Gives Back”  is  Mr. Mark Kenneth Castro  &  Maan Panganiban.


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