Andrew & Rowena

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  • Joanne TP - Oh my goodness Paul!!! THESE ARE MASTERPIECES! SUCH WORKS OF ART! Errrm…you still owe me a family photo session *wink* Hopefully, when Ed’s back from California…

    *we’re sooooooo not worthy!!!*

    I knew you were good but oh my gawd, when did you get THIS GREAT????????


  • Dins - i love this prenup session! lalo na yung last pics! ang cuuttteee!!! =)

  • David (ni Queen) - As usual, another great prenup shots from ayvih!
    …and paul din pala.


    see you on aug 8 (Ted & Kat)

  • andrew and wheng - thanks for the pictures..really had a great time! we love it!

  • ArL - nice shots!

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