Ispok & Clarina

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  • clar (and ispok) - hey paul! thanks so much for being so patient with us:) Ito ang photoshoot na “pose” means tumawa as loud as you can. I’m looking forward to seeing you guys a few months from now:) Thank you ayvih for answering dyok’s question:) We are both from batch ’96(the best). Dyoks, you were probably a senior when we were freshies. Kami yung pumipila sa labas ng canteen, sitting on our colemans at 5am waiting for our breakfast which does not start for another 2 hrs.

  • ayvih - Hello,

    Yes they’re both from pisay…

  • dyoks (and selle) - i knew the prenup venue looked familiar. sure, it’s been 16 years since i’ve graduated from here but pisay does have that distinct look. the front of the gym, the hallway and the lighting warning is a dead giveaway. 😀 looks like the gym remains unfinished until today. 🙂

    great shots.

    btw, is it right for me to assume their both a pisay couple? 😉

  • Joanne & Jhera of - Thanks guys for taking care of our happy happy happy good friends Ispok & Clarina 🙂 Your pre-nups truly captures both their happy dispositions and personalities. I’m sure everyone had fun making each other kulit during the photo shoot hehehe We can almost hear the laughter grabe!!! If anyone can do both drama and fun, that would be you Paul! We did well recommending you talaga 🙂

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