Jay ♥ Notty (Oslo, Norway)

Ahhh Norway, our 2nd home. When you have been covering the wedding of the whole family and their friends you cant help but feel so attached to them. We always love our out of the country weddings since its less production, less glamour and more on the feels. You dont laugh at them, you laugh with them, you’re so close that its hard not to get emotional when they get emotional. We truly appreciate when we are treated like part of the family, and we will never take this for granted.

Here is to Jay and Notty, reminiscing their wedding. Cheers!

To Jens and Joy (where it all started), Bell, Jonas & Angie, Hero, Reinart & Rochelle, Steven & Yliza, Even, Morten & Michelle, Liam, Isak, soon to wed Nikki & Jeremy, next year’s wedding Diana, to Tita Julie, tito Art, tita Nita, tita Lyn, tita Virgie, Eli, Chona, Phil and to everyone I forgot to mention. We love you guys and we will see you all next year! Cant wait to go camping with you guys there woohoot! Or Tuna fishing or strawberry picking hahaha! well hopefully we can do even just one 😉

+ St. Olav’s Cathedral
+ Oslo Kongressenter

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