Jostein ♥ Lizell (Siena, Italy)

It took me an hour and a half figuring out what to say and how to describe the couple, the wedding, the whole experience. From when we took the train then taxi to get to a very wonderful and beautiful venue called Borgo Il Poggiaccio.

I have fallen in love covering out of the country weddings. The only way to describe is that It is so real, it is 100% celebration, no over the top decors and programs It is very far from a production kind of weddings. No work and all play. Yes there are glitches along the way but nobody cared, everybody was there to celebrate with the couple. It overwhelms me trying to remember the experience. I can go on and describe every detail but its hard to put into words. So let me show you instead their intimate festive celebration of love through photographs, and hope we can make you feel as if you where there celebrating with them.


Trivia: Did you know that every Italian taxi driver thinks they are a race car driver?, so don’t forget to put on your seat belts, bring out your rosary, look up to the heavens and start confessing and ask for forgiveness.

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