Steven ♥ Yliza {Oslo, Norway}

+ St. Olav Church
+ Thon Hotel Ullevaal Stadion

A Filipino wedding is where you witness the love blessed and bound by God. You enjoy the food and company. Give your well wishes to the couple accompanied with a few laughs and some tears, then ending the event by saying let’s party which usually translates to it’s time to say goodbye and let’s head home. But these Pinoys in Norway, they don’t party, they “parteey!!” and they mean it. All the booty shakin’, hands waivin’ and booze drippin’. The bar dries up and yet nobody’s leavin till the sun comes up. You know the real meaning of “parteey” when you don’t know how you got home, your shoes is in somebody else’s house, your wallet is missing, waking up in a body aching position in the corner of the bed (or was it on the floor) still wearing your gown. You know who you are, hahaha!! We can truly say it was one of the most amazing weddings we have documented. Thank you Steven and Yliza for making us part of it.


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